Making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in our communities through caring, in-depth Bible study, available to all.

About Community Bible Study


This is a Co-Ed Class
THU at 9:45 AM - 11:50 AM

September 7, 2023 to May 2, 2024 (30-week study)

Come and see what happens in the lives of men and women when they discover God through the study of His Word, the Bible. 

Our class meets weekly during the school year. A virtual/Zoom class will also be offered this coming year.  (All details will be forthcoming.) 

Each member receives a course book and online access that includes Home Study questions and a Commentary. 

Along with our in-depth study, members will experience a Caring Community through small core group discussions plus weekly communication with your Core Leader.  Following the discussion time, members will receive a life applicable teaching that highlights the passages studied and how one can apply God's Word to their daily life.

Our non-denominational study has both men and women from many churches in our Nature Coast Community.  Our desire is for each member to feel confident, comfortable and cared for as we study God's Word together. 

Early registration is encouraged!  To register online, choose the "Register Now" button in the top right corner.  If you prefer a paper registration, click the "Email Us" button below.

For more information or if you have questions, also click "Email Us" below or contact:  Terry Marshall at 352-287-5503.


Currently Studying: Ruth and Samuel, Ephesians

OUR 2023-24  - 30 WEEK STUDY WILL BE:

Ruth & Samuel, and Ephesians 




 The Old Testament books of Ruth and 1 and 2 Samuel describe the faith journeys of men and women like us. Sure, they may have been prophets or priests, or kings—but they were also sons and daughters, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers. They struggled in the same ways we do. They experienced deferred hopes and dreams, broken relationships, shameful failures and personal trauma, just as we do. It’s what they did with those disappointments that matters. In this study, you will see people who took their pain and anger to God—and those who did not. And in either case, you will see how God remained faithful.



 Before the foundations of the world, God had His people in mind. In love, He chose, forgave, and redeemed them. He adopted them to be His very own beloved children. Ephesians tells the story of God’s eternal plan to unite people who had been estranged from Him and one another into a beautiful community that reflects His glory to the world and even to the spiritual realms. This study will guide participants to engage with what it means to be reconciled to God, how that is possible, and the amazing benefits God gives as a result. It will also give practical guidance for how to apply these eternal truths to your everyday life.